Welcome to H.N.B.P.G.C.

Institute Vision Priority & Area of Trust

Among the three - education, teacher and student the last one is the most important .It is so because
every institution (college) keeps the students in the centre and all the educational activities turn around
them. Other priorities happen lateron. Then we have some candid vision to work on with.
Although our college stands amidst poor and backward class of society, we leave no stone unturned in
ensuring the students a meaningful and dignified living. The college is a center for various activities that
influence thinking, planning and working towards society, culture, education, governance, healthcare
and consciousness for environment - that is our priority.
Our college strives for excellence in every process and understanding. It mainly specializes in social
relevance. Our vision and priority have always been focused towards knowledge, skill and practices-truly
a combination of academic and personal skills. The college spares no effort to ensure that our graduates
become sensible human beings with a strong commitment to the poor, needy and downtrodden- that is
our goal embeded in our vision.
Students today care about sustainability. Its for all fields of students. There are many students led
programs that allow them to get involved. According to the needs and problems of the area of
Bundelkhand , we successfully motivated students towards environmental conservation by more tree
plantation in the campus and solid waste management practice for the purpose. Here we have active
role and participation of the members of “ECO GIRLS” team.
We prepare students for a peaceful living in a multicultural society and preparation to be good citizen of
our country when they leave the college and become a man of world. Our students will be socially
conscious, sensitive and active persons, committed to moral values . It promotes international
understanding through quality education and the mission to inculcate the spirit of- “ Vasudhaiva
Kutumbakam”( the world is one family).