Welcome to H.N.B.P.G.C.

"Start with Quality, lead with assurance, sustain with consistency and outcome will be excellence!"

Greetings to our Stakeholders!

Quality assurance and management have been the central challenges in the effective governance of Higher Education Institutions (HEI). In this context, Quality assurance and sustenance is not a one-time phenomenon. Rather, “Quest for Excellence” is a continuous and perennial pursuit. IQAC initiatives strive to instill, internalize and institutionalize standards for quality bench marking. NAAC has been instilling a momentum of quality consciousness amongst Higher Educational Institutions (HEI), aiming for continuous improvement over improvement. Triggering for a “Quality Culture” among the various constituents of HEI is yet creating a testimony in enhancing the awareness of Institutional Quality Assurance with all its stakeholders.

Higher Education at present in India is witnessing a paradigm shift in the philosophy from ‘National Education’ to ‘Global Education’, from ‘One time education for a few’ to ‘Life-long education for all’, from ‘Teacher-centric Education’ to ‘Learner-centric Education’. These phenomenal changes have necessitated new demands, posing fresh challenges, more complexities and increased competitiveness among the educational systems in the country.

The IQAC should therefore become a driving force ushering in quality by working out intervention strategies to remove deficiencies and enhance quality. It must channelize and systematize the efforts and measures towards academic excellence.

As the guards of Quality, we firmly believe that the role of the IQAC is a continuous and dynamic one. Our vision for the IQAC is to not merely serve as a data centre but as a means to bring together all the stakeholders and let each one of them cooperate, coordinate, collaborate, create and contribute to the betterment of the institution in all aspects. It is the individuals who collectively make up the institution; but its quality, with the IQAC that aids them in achieving that goal. Thus, our manifesto centres on Quality Assurance, Quality Sustenance and Quality Enhancement.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility and a key factor in fostering Quest for Excellence. Therefore, excellence is not being the best; rather it is doing your best. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

With assurance for the best,

Dr. Subarna Sarkar

NAAC & IQAC Coordinator